Volunteering at the Nick!

Volunteering at the Nick is fun and challenging.  You can join a team of dedicated folks who work behind the scenes and during our events, to make Nick evenings special for everyone.  There are a lot of tasks involved in producing a Nick concert from selling tickets and performer product to baking cakes, to moving tables and chairs, to picking up bottles, to setting up the stage, to serving at the bar and kitchen and many more.

For their dedication, our volunteers gain free admittance to our shows and a couple of refreshment tickets.  We also host some special volunteer parties with food, beverages and CD raffles provided, along with an opportunity to socialize and share our own musical talents.

Here is a brief overview of the volunteer roles at the Nick.

The Executive:  The Nickelodeon Executive, as a group, is responsible for determining policy for the Nick; calling and attending regular Executive meetings; formulating election procedures; conflict resolution when mediation is required; enhancing the volunteer and patron environment; determining complimentary admission policy.

Executive positions are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Artistic Director reports to the Executive.

Coordinators:  The Coordinators are responsible for ensuring they have a trained replacement in case of emergency; all tasks in their area of responsibility are completed; all staff in their area understand the duties and tasks they are required to perform.

Positions:  Volunteer Coordinator, Merchandise Coordinator, Admissions Coordinator, Bar Coordinator, Kitchen Coordinator, Production Coordinator, and Operations Coordinator.

As noted, each of the coordinator positions above have a team of additional volunteers who cover the various tasks in their area of responsibility.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Nick, please send us an email at info@thenick.ca

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